Meet the Strategic Consultant that started Sixth Sense Solutions

Keith Freeman is a Collaborator, focused on people first and prioritizing solving problems from an objective perspective. As a Strategic Consultant, Keith Freeman works with a wide variety of companies and leaders in healthcare and service based organizations such as hospice, home care and assisted living, to product development and professional services. He is a certified partner with the Predive Index helping companies optimize talent, predict candidate success and performance outcomes with hiring intelligence, coupled with unique solutions to match the people strategy to the business strategy. This work empowers teams and organizations to achieve new heights.

Background & Education

Keith Freeman has passion for genuinely helping people, working with leaders and key players to build drama free work environments and teams focused on their unique mission in delivering high quality service.  Before founding Sixth Sense Solutions, Keith had a successful career holding corporate positions including Director of Business Development at Sun Health in The ProCare One health division, Director of Recruiting at American Home Mortgage, and Branch Manager at Maxim Healthcare, a Nurse staffing agency as a top 1% producer and turnaround specialist.

Keith Freeman holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from UMASS Global (Formerly Brandman University under the Chapman System), and holds a graduate certification in Organizational Leadership and Development.

His advanced education helped elevate his expertise and insights in business, and he applies his knowledge to help his clients succeed. Keith strongly believes in the power of continued education and encourages everyone to never stop learning no matter their age or industry. Being change ready is imperative, and there is always something new to learn!

Keith’s Philosophy

Keith believes that people who are better matched to their jobs, and aligned with their passions, makes for better work, better engagement, better teams, more productive outcomes, a happier workforce and a better world.  Keith feels personally and professionally fulfilled working with business leaders on mission driven outcomes that improve our relationships, our communities and our lives.

What is Sixth Sense Solutions?

Sixth Sense Solutions offers an outside perspective. We help organizations match their people strategy to their business strategy. Through our discovery process we will identify unique solutions to transform your business practices and maximize performance.  Sixth Sense Solutions methodologies help remove ego from the equation, coupled with the power of the Predictive Index to create an accountability roadmap that leads to better sales, brand reputation, and retention of clients and staff.  

Get to Know Keith Freeman

Keith Freeman is now offering a complimentary Discovery Meeting to get to know you and your business and put together a strategic plan to help grow your business.

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