Your Path to Progress


This is about what you REALLY want to accomplish. This is your WISH list. We review important aspects of your organization, important metrics, and understand your unique challenges to determine a value added path forward. 


We can help better understand the underlying problems, and your best approach to achieving what you really want. Learn unique perspectives from important data points, clients and employees. Identify any “hidden” and underlying issues.



We’ll help you take on your WISH list, provide objective data and insights and clarity to determine and implement your best approach, strategies and tactical solutions. We’ll help you create an accountability road map.


We’ll directly help you TACKLE the right problems the right way. We’ll help you FOCUS energies and resources on the right areas where you most need to drive results. We’ll help you track success of new strategies and adapt, adapt, adapt.


How can Sixth Sense Solutions Help?

Sixth Sense Solutions offers an outside perspective. We help organizations match their people strategy to their business strategy and achieve better performance to reach their goals. Sixth Sense Solutions methodologies help remove ego from the equation, coupled with the power of the Predictive Index to create an accountability roadmap that leads to better sales, brand reputation, and retention of clients and staff.  

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