How Your Enthusiasm Can Improve Retention


We all know that coworker who just seems to inspire the people around them. The passion and enthusiasm they have for their work is so contagious that you can’t wait to see them in the meeting. What is extremely interesting to see is how their constant enthusiasm directly impacts the people around them to feel more positively about their work, as well!

How Enthusiasm is Contagious

Sixth Sense Solutions strategic consultant, Keith Freeman, recently attended a client’s internal team meeting to pitch a new initiative.

The energy and excitement he brought to the meeting stemmed from multiple factors – it was Friday, he has worked hard on the initiative he was presenting, and he was excited to share it with the people in the meeting.

Almost immediately people started to come up to him, to let him know how happy they were with his enthusiasm. “It is so contagious,” they said.


How Enthusiasm Can Improve Retention

The attitude you bring to the office will determine the direction your business is headed in. The most successful people are passionate about their work and the tasks in which they engage, so it is easy for them to show the enthusiasm needed for continued success.

To the ancient Greeks, enthusiasm meant inspiration or divine influence. In modern English, it denotes intense enjoyment, interest, or approval. Keith Freeman was able to share the enthusiasm he had for his initiative with the client, which resulted in buy-in from the majority and a great start to the project!

As business owners and key administrators, it is your responsibility to keep your team happy. And what easier way is there than to just be happy yourself!?


About Keith Freeman, MBA

A dynamic thinker with a great sense of humor, Keith Freeman, MBA, is a Strategic Consultant offering unique solutions to transform healthcare organizations such as hospitals, hospice/palliative, home health, and home care, RCFE/assisted living and skilled nursing facilities and professional healthcare staffing services that support them.