Business Adaptation to Covid

How does business need to adapt to both the technical needs covid creates (patient, employee, and/or customer screening; work from home, furloughs, or ability to hire with PPP funding, etc.) and the consumer behavior changes due to covid?

An example of a topic that has come up with our clients: what should be highlighted during Covid? There are different components to this. For example, highlighting what you are doing as a value add or service line (Click here to see our video highlighting Covid messaging and aspects of Covid prevention). Regardless of whether you communicating Covid measures as an added value or possibly charge for it (for example partnering with a cleaning service or a deep cleaning as an add on in the home) adjusting your messaging to the market to reflect your adaptation for employees, potential employees, prospects and customers, is essential in helping to alleviate concerns and increasing consumer trust.

Mckinsey recently put out a study on consumer sentiment during Covid:

1. As incomes have declined, consumers are spending on essentials and not discretionary categories

2. Consumers are shifting to online and digital solutions as well as reduced-contact channels to get goods and services (think virtual visits and telehealth)

3. Even though many countries have lifted stay-at-home restrictions, most consumers still feel the pull toward a “homebody economy.”

4. Consumers want extra reassurance to resume day-to-day activities outside their homes

5. Consumers also want to see an ongoing emphasis on cleaning and safety

Specifically communicating ongoing emphasis on cleaning and safety in the home care, facility or shop environment (whatever the business be it daycare, food, retail, etc.) and Personal Protective Equipment use and its benefits, can be an area where your organization can create a big differentiation and increase consumer trust.

Evolving Conversations with Families and Community Members:

Organizations have had to adapt to changing regulations. While you should ere on the side of caution when it comes to protecting your staff, do not let the process of change hold up the need for people who need the care.

Are we elevating the conversation 1-1 with families and in the community? For example, families that have services on pause or are holding off on acquiring care – how involved are you in the game planning process with the family?

Focus on altering the conversation with families – does the family want dedicated support? What are their true expectations?

We need to have transparent and frank conversations with families. Is social isolation the concern? Family not in town or moving out of town? Is personal care or managed care solutions the best approach?

Fee for service hourly opposed to managed care will have different delivery and potentially different outcomes and this needs to be discussed with the family in an honest and transparent way.


Covid is not going away altogether– what is your current and post covid plan?

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