COVID-19 AKA Coronavirus

COVID-19 AKA Corona Virus – you’ve seen the news, the stock market reaction, the lines at COSTCO for toilet paper… I was recently watching the original animated film Toy Story with my almost 5-year-old, who now likes to repeat this … Read More

Business Adaptation to Covid

How does business need to adapt to both the technical needs covid creates (patient, employee, and/or customer screening; work from home, furloughs, or ability to hire with PPP funding, etc.) and the consumer behavior changes due to covid? An example … Read More

Post COVID Preparation

What Senior Care Focused Companies are doing to weather the COVID-19 storm and prepare for post COVID… While Future Focus blog reported this week that “Home health agencies are facing severe declines in revenue and workforce. Physicians have closed approximately … Read More

Handling Client Cancellations

There are many pro-active measures that can still be taken with your business regarding COVID-19 from communication with caregivers, clients, prospects, community partners and real time stress test with your business. You’re probably starting to feel the systemic effect on … Read More

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