We are Healthcare Business Consultants

We can help you:
Recruit More Caregivers.
Convert More Clients.
Create More Opportunities to Care.

We help healthcare service providers such as non medical home care, skilled home health, hospice and residential care communities achieve more operational and business success.

Fresh eyes lead to fresh solutions.

Invite our healthcare consultants to evaluate your organization performance in key areas and determine data-driven solutions that lead to higher conversion rates, improved client and staff recruitment and retention, and of course… happier clients that lead to more happy clients.


Our Approach

We get it. We leverage the experience and talent of former managers and healthcare business expertise to help you to take on the challenges of an ever-changing market and industry. As the owner, administrator, or manager of a healthcare operation, day-to-day tasks – not to mention hourly emergencies – can keep you immersed in the day to day problems in your organization and stop you from working consistently on your business.

Even if you identified factors that are diminishing profits, slowing growth, inconsistent momentum, gaining traction, you might be too close to the problem. You may be too emotionally invested in executing hard decisions, or lack the time and resources to facilitate the changes and goals you most desire.

Let us help. Our consultative and coaching process has guided healthcare providers through the many pitfalls that suppress reaching full financial potential. Whether your main issue is not enough staff, caregivers or not enough clients - we hep equip your team with tools that are vital in the fast-evolving industry of healthcare.

You’re one conversation away from a fresh perspective on the progress you know you can achieve. Let’s chat today.

Consulting Services for Home Care, Home Health, Hospice, Residential Care Communities and Hospital to Home

  • Leverage Knowledge and Expertise in your Local Market

  • Develop and Integrate Winning Strategies

  • Create Efficiencies in Operations

  • Integrate Recruitment, Retention and Talent Management Solutions that Create a Competitive Advantage

  • Proven, Tailored Marketing Strategies that help Drive Business

Market Knowledge



Talent Management


The 6ixth Sense

Your Path to Progress


This is about what you REALLY want to accomplish. This is your WISH list. We review important aspects of your organization, important data points and understand challenges and if we can help align goals and strategies together.



Better understand the problem, and your best approach to achieving what you really want. Learn unique perspectives from important data points, clients and employees. Identify any "hidden" and underlying issues.


We'll help you take on your WISH list. We'll help provide objective data and insights. We'll help provide clarity. We'll help you determine and implement your best approach, strategies and tactical solutions. We'll help you create an accountability road map.


We'll help you TACKLE the right problems the right way. We'll help you FOCUS energies and resources on the right areas where you most need to drive results. We'll help you track success of new strategies and adapt, adapt, adapt.

How We Helped Healthcare Providers Just Like You

You Deserve Some Fresh Insights and Perspective

Keith Freeman is dedicated to helping seniors live their best lives and achieve optimal health outcomes by supporting the organizations committed to that mission. He accomplishes this by ensuring hospice, home health, RCFE, assisted living, home care and professional staffing services that support them are equipped to address every challenge.

Find out how Keith and his team can enhance your healthcare operation and tap into your sixth sense. Schedule a one-on-one today!


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