IMMEDIATE funding for Home Care?

What if your home care group had a way to get more immediate help to your Veterans and surviving spouses with cost of home care? What if you have a Veteran that needs your service where care can start and be funded immediately?

VA benefits that Start IMMEDIATELY for Home Care service?

At some point, the seniors in your community will most likely need to consume home care to age in place safely. 7.6% of the main population is veterans. 50% of this group is 65 and older. VA benefits can be used to supplement their care needs. Qualification for Pension with Ad and Attendance is based on income and assets along with other factors such as need. The VA offers its veterans who qualify a wonderful benefit to help pay for home care. The trick is moving from point A:  “do I qualify?” to point B: “how do I qualify?” to point C: “now that I qualify how long I need to wait for reimbursement?”

The VA Benefit Conundrum

Figuring out how to access financial resources for seniors who have served in the military and their families can be confusing, time consuming and a frustrating process. What if you could help your current families (or prospects you’d like to acquire your services) obtain financial resources for benefits? AND not have to wait in line for the money to arrive? What if they could obtain immediate access to the financial means to cover the cost of needed home care?

Keith Freeman of Sixth Sense Solutions spoke with Cheryl Hammons Strategic Partnership Director at Veterans Care Coordination (VCC) about the issues facing veteran families seeking this benefit. Their group specializes in looking after Veteran’s and their families, partnering with home care groups to deliver care faster and making it easier to access home care as a benefit.

Veterans Care Coordination and a Winning Strategy:

Cheryl has a background in the senior care and home care industry. She is no stranger to the day to day challenges that both families face with affording care, and the intensive ever-changing marketplace, and increasingly regulated climate that home care owners must operate in order to stay competitive.

Cheryl’s focus and three main objectives at Veterans Care Coordination for their partners: build valuable relationships, develop revenue generating programs and provide educational material to better serve the home care industry.

Making Services like Home Care more Attainable to Veterans in a Timely Manner:

The challenge that Veteran seniors and their families face is a few fold. These challenges can include understanding Pension with Aid and Attendance as a benefit, the qualification process for the benefit in complexity and involvement, and the timing of receiving the benefit.

Even when the Veteran is qualified and approved, the delays experienced from submission of application to start of care can be lengthy. Veterans Care Coordination is able to understand very early on if the applicant may qualify and provide an interest free loan to start care immediately. The funds are retroactive to the application date if the senior qualifies.

What’s the Next Step to take Advantage of VCC services? Seniors, especially Veterans, fear the loss of independence more than death.  These same Veterans fought for our independence.  What better way to honor a Veteran than to give them the gift of independence? Veterans Care Coordination’s partnership program provides this opportunity and more.  For more information, contact Cheryl Hammons at

Paying for out of pocket cost of care is an expense that is a financial concern for most American families. Sixth Sense Solutions clients that provide home care, assisted living and other care services that require an out of pocket expense, reviews these concerns with our clients. We help tackle how to address these interactions with prospects and clients and how to improve these conversations, better framing the conversation about price with all stake holders involved. This helps to ensure a higher rate of success with attracting, closing and retaining clients on service.


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