How Referral Marketing and Sales Support
Adds Value and
Helps your Home Health Business Grow

Referral Marketing Support with Sixth Sense Solutions is:

• An inexpensive way to reduce and remove natural constraints to consistent referral marketing and business development with a high long-term ROI

• Increases the impact of internal resources used for ongoing business development and increases ROI

• Creates a competitive advantage by connecting your business with more referral sources, increasing more awareness of your local brand, increases more opportunities to generate referral business

• Increases your ability to reach more opportunities to provide your service and has an exponentiating factor for growth

Challenges with Referral Source Marketing

Natural Constraints  in your business to develop referral sources such as the internal staff’s time and reach, “putting out fires” limited budget, size of territory, etc. that result in opportunity costs 

• Internal resources used for ongoing referral source and business development can be pulled in different directions, inconsistent and expensive

• In high demand markets have a lot of competition and you need a sustainable competitive advantage

•  Your team is focused on their roles and there are limited resources to reach these opportunities

Referral Marketing Support

The main focus with our business development and Referral Marketing Support support is consistent focus and attention to increase the breadth and depth of referral source market connections that lead to referrals to your specific local brand

• Referral Marketing Support is part of the bigger picture of being intentional about growth and a growth mindset

• Referral Marketing Support is metrics based and intentional about generating opportunities for referral business

• Referral Marketing Support is intentional about your brand delivery/best practices in the initial and ongoing marketing outreach

• Referral Marketing Support has experts working on your behalf in an area of the business that benefits from ongoing intentional focus and may be an area you wish to  develop, and/or are less comfortable or able to be consistent with this outreach portion of your business

Referral Marketing Support

 Referral Marketing Support with Sixth Sense Solutions is goal oriented and metrics driven

 Referral Marketing Support with Sixth Sense Solutions is an integrated part of your overall growth strategy

 Referral Marketing Support with Sixth Sense Solutions increases awareness of your brand

 Referral Marketing Support with Sixth Sense Solutions increases your referral business

 Referral Marketing Support with Sixth Sense Solutions creates better results and a sustainable competitive advantage

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