High Value Conversion Sales Coaching:

Increase your sales conversions! Develop a deeper understanding of your call metrics, improve caller confidence, and elevate the customer service experience.

Consistent quality of your sales inquiry calls is a vital component to consistent sales conversions.

Our High Value Sales Conversion Coaching: 

• Is Goal oriented and metrics driven
• Is a Supportive coaching model
• Increases self-awareness and self-reflection
• Integrates best practices
• Creates better results – get to <55-60% to the consult and <90-95% to sales agreement 


Challenges with Converting Prospects to Clients

Challenges that home care agencies face with converting prospects to clients are many fold:  

  • Consistent high performance with converting prospects (turnover) 
  •  In high demand markets have  lot of competition and need to focus on customer service 
  • Invest in your Team 
  • Stay Metrics Focused and Deliver Consistent Results

Coaching Methodology

How High Value Sales Conversion Coaching adds value to your business and is:

  • An inexpensive way to improve ROI with sales inquiries into your business 
  • Increases the impact of internal resources used for ongoing prospect to client development and increases the ROI
  • Creates a competitive advantage by providing an investment in your business practices focused in prospect conversion, improving the customer experience 

High Value Conversion Sales Coaching

The main focus with High Value Conversion Coaching is consistent focus and attention to improve prospect to conversion ratios that lead to higher revenues

High Value Conversion Coaching is:

  • Part of the bigger picture of being intentional about growth and a growth mindset 
  • Metrics based and intentional about revenue growth 
  • Intentional about your brand delivery/best practices
  • High Value Conversion Coaching helps your homecare business benefit from intentional focus on coaching, feedback, self-awareness and self-reflection 

convert more sales

Invest in your Team's Performance

High Value Conversion Sales Coaching with Sixth Sense Solutions coaching methodology

  1. We work with your team individually to help set goals and drive metrics
  2.  Sales and customer service coaching are an integrated part of your overall growth strategy
  3. Improve the customer experience
  4. Create better consistent results and a sustainable competitive advantage

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    Case Study Highlights

    Rob, the owner of a home care franchise in Palm Springs, CA., participated in a recent case study with Sixth Sense Solutions.

    After six months of coaching, Rob’s healthcare business experienced a 40 percent increase in sales!

    How We Help

    Our skilled consultants identify and prioritize areas of concern then conclude
    that transform healthcare operations, from enjoying enough staff to meet
    client demands to decreasing the cost of leads.

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