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Our group is dedicated to helping seniors live their best lives, achieve optimal health outcomes through the organizations that support that mission.
We can help accomplish this by ensuring our clients in hospice, home health, RCFE, assisted living, home care, and professional staffing services that support these care objectives are equipped to address every challenge.
We can help you Recruit More Caregivers. Convert More Clients. Create More Opportunities to Care.
As you watch this video, Keith Freeman will explain to you what Sixth Sense Solutions does to help managers in the healthcare business improve their business strategy. Often, owners and management does not see the bottlenecks in their own business because they are surrounded by it all the time.
It helps to have someone with a fresh pair of eyes to review the business and come up with ongoing solutions.
From an outside perspective, we can recognize where improvements need to be made. Some of the pain points we see are:
Lack of inquiries
Low conversion rate
Lack of effective marketing
We are one of the business consulting firms that aim to boost the overall performance and sales of your company. Not only are we working to grow your overall conversion rate, but we also want to make sure that we can enhance the conversations your team is having with your clients.
If you have questions you’d like us to answer, email us at info@sixsensesolutions.com
For more news and information about everything business consulting, check out our blog: https://sixsensesolutions.com/#blog
Invite our healthcare consultants to evaluate your organization’s performance in key areas and determine data-driven solutions that lead to higher conversion rates, improved client and staff retention, and of courseā€¦ happier clients that lead to more happy clients.


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