Massage for Seniors?

Massage for your senior clients is an important aspect of senior’s health.

Senior massage services can also help your home care offering and many other types of health care businesses such as hospice and assisted living. Keith Freeman of Sixth Sense Solutions spoke with Evin Toomey of “The Massage Inc”, a company specializing is geriatric based massage and massage techniques. Sixth Sense learned some important things about how the founder/CEO and massage therapist Evin, along with her talented group of massage therapists, are helping seniors.

The Massage Inc is contributing in a big way to the senior care landscape – and these contributions help elevate how seniors consume health and wellness in the home. Companies and offerings like The Massage Inc helps to provide an important contribution to the home care industry, and your delivery of quality of service as a care company.

Why is Massage for Senior’s Health so Important?

Physically speaking – massage on an elderly body is much different than with younger clients. Most massage therapists are trained in, and practice regularly deep tissue therapies, but not necessarily other modalities that would be applicable specifically for senior health.

There are co-morbidities such as edema, diabetes and arthritis that make massage application for senior health more needed and slightly more complex.

Why does it require such a special touch?

There are the technical aspects that the application of massage solves, such as lymphatic drainage, which improves immune function and pain relief. While there are wonderful improvements to health such as reduction of pain, improvement of immune function, etc., the benefits of massage are as much emotional and mental as they are physical.

Take for example a client of Evin’s that had arthritis. Her client had such a severe case of arthritis, that her arthritic hand had been clenched shut for almost a year!  Imagine the relief for this person when, finally, with the right massage technique, the client’s hand could re-open.  Evin points out a few other things going on with this scenario, for example “Hygienically speaking, the bacteria can be removed, the oral factor is improved and the patient is happier, healthier and in more relief of pain”.

As human beings we are wired for connection

This doesn’t diminish with age. If anything it increases as we become less independent than we are in our younger years. Evin points out “there is also a direct positive health benefit of touch”.

Massage therapists can work in tangent with caregivers. Evin points out that “there have been observed changes of condition that the massage therapists in the field have been able to report and coordinate with care providers and companies providing hospice, home health and home care have been recommended.”

How can massage therapy benefit my senior care clients?

How can working with a firm such as “the Massage Inc.” help my home care business/ my assisted living community and/or my hospice care program?

The Massage Inc. therapists are hand-picked individuals who share the passion of helping seniors. It is their mission to ensure our senior population is in good hands. Whether you are a resident, staff member, caregiver, or loved one, The Massage Inc is here to help you with your senior massage therapy needs. They provide individual, on site, in-room massages and group massage events.  Specializing in senior/geriatric massage, they bring massage therapy to you!

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