Handling Client Cancellations

There are many pro-active measures that can still be taken with your business regarding COVID-19 from communication with caregivers, clients, prospects, community partners and real time stress test with your business. You’re probably starting to feel the systemic effect on Caregiver and client schedules from self-quarantining requests, sick calls, school closings, government mandates, restaurants doing takeout and delivery only, etc.

Here are a few recommendations for when clients want to cancel for scheduled home care due to COVID-19. Clients may want to self-quarantine and this will have an impact on care delivery. (self -quarantine term used here is based how we have heard individuals using it without any known contact to the virus, positive test, feeling ill, and a pre-cautionary measure with avoidance of contact, but where someone still needs care)  (We also include a recommendation regarding any tours for Assisted Living and other residential care facilities during this time).

  • Actively listening and respecting the emotional needs of your clients. The fear of the unknown can be daunting along with adjusting to the reality of measures being addressed for containment. Having the calls directed to your care manager or account manager that is prepared to address these specific concerns is important. Be prepared to discuss continuity of care with the client and the decision makers involved with changes in care delivery and any impact of not having a caregiver in their routine
  • Discuss the underlying concerns of the client and any decision makers. There is a lot of misinformation circulating out there. Some doctors have suggested seniors not have people in the home that could be potential carriers of the virus and emotional response is heightened due to news from legitimate and and illegitimate sources, herd mentality, social media, etc. Be the calm of the storm addressing concerns and having a game plan with which client is comfortable
  • Be focused on the long-term aspect of the relationship and care as well as the short term affects with any client care changes. Address the plan of care and help alleviate any concerns with discussion of the measures the caregiver takes as standard and extra pre-cautions in general and during seasonal outbreaks and situations such as what we currently face

For prospects with care consultations, offering a virtual assessment can help keep the conversation going and set the table for the next step.

For Assisted Living and residential care options, having a virtual tour set up that offers that 1-1 real time interaction and/or in a webinar format can accomplish a deeper connection with potential residents and their families and better inform potential families about who you are, what you offer and set the table for the next step.

Working with a business consultant is a great is a great way to help improve outcomes and maximize your investment with your healthcare business.

The gap between knowing what to do and integrating change is our specialty! Are you exploring ways to maximize your results? Whether it’s recruitment and retention, sales, customer service, marketing; maximize your return on investment with your home care, hospice, home health or assisted living business.

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