Case Study: The Strategy

The Situation

When meeting clients for the first time, we often find that they have a lot of moving parts and are looking for help in specific areas.  

Having grown numerous home health care businesses, Sixth Sense Solution knows that the answer doesn’t lie in a singular area.  It’s our holistic approach that pays off significantly for the client. 

While we do take into account specific projects to grow, create efficiencies, and solve specific problems, usually, there is a bigger picture that emerges when we look at the data and peel back the layers that helps to know where to better focus. It’s this type of holistic approach that’s a game-changer for home care and other healthcare groups. 


The Client
Our client was a private pay value-based, non-medical home care service, and they were on the threshold of one million dollars in revenue annually.
Instead of making one major overhaul in a specific area, our discovery sessions uncovered numerous strategic avenues to make gradual, but impactful, changes to many of the segments of the business operations.


The Strategy

The client wanted to cancel their pay per click program. Sixth Sense Solutions evaluated the ROI, and the program was profitable. Sixth Sense counseled to reinvest dollars in other areas of the business.  

The money was re-allocated into other marketing programs that helped contribute to growth in the business.

Sixth Sense Solutions recommended a new content strategy to develop authentic content for social media and push marketing. 

The efforts paid off handsomely with more qualified traffic and a higher lead-conversion rate.

Sixth Sense Solutions analyzed sales data and shifted the sales team’s accountability and attention to richer referral sources, concentrating on a better nurture sequence for our referral leads.  

This resulted in bringing in larger clients that aligned better with our service offerings.

Sixth Sense Solutions recognized team strengths and reorganized responsibilities to match those strengths. 

By placing valued team members in right-role, right-fit situations to allow them to thrive, they delivered better customer service and worked to their strengths.


The Net Result 
After several months, there were several measurable takeaways:

  • Sales revenue grew an average of 34% over 3 months and the client is still experiencing incremental growth 
  • Despite a perceived revenue cap with operational functions “catching up”, the client continues to see gradual growth on top of the record revenue
  • The client experienced a significant number of leads nurtured them in the sales funnel 
  • Sales improved the close ratio to 50% on scheduling initial assessments and saw an industry-standard high of 85% conversion rate of leads


The Sixth Sense Solutions Difference
Both a lack of focus in working on your business over time and lack of reinvesting in key areas can create a hidden deficiency cycle that is taxing on your operations, your staff, and your growth mindset. 
Sixth Sense Solutions takes the wide-angle lens approach to develop synergistic strategies to implement across multiple areas without unnecessary disruption.  This is a more comfortable approach for everyone involved. Our experience has shown us repeatedly that when the staff supports a comprehensive implementation of a strategy across many areas, their buy-in contributed to that success – creating a team victory and a positive mindset for your workforce. Would you like to dive into your systems and processes?  Schedule a discovery meeting with Sixth Sense Solutions today.   Call Keith Freeman at 949-241-6690, or you can reach our team via email at