We help professional business groups and healthcare service providers such as non medical home care, skilled home health, hospice and residential care communities achieve more operational and business success. 

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The Sixth Sense Solutions team are dedicated to helping seniors live their best lives and achieve optimal health outcomes by supporting the organizations committed to that mission. We accomplish this by ensuring hospice, home health, RCFE, assisted living, non medical home care and the professional services that support them are equipped to address every challenge.

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COVID-19 AKA Coronavirus

COVID-19 AKA Corona Virus – you’ve seen the news, the stock market reaction, the lines at COSTCO for toilet paper… I was recently watching the original animated film Toy Story with my almost 5-year-old, who now likes to repeat this … Read More

Difficult Clients or Difficult Mindset?

What are the top 6 things you need to take on difficult high maintenance clients and patients? 1.)    A culture that embraces: DIFFICULT 2.)    A culture that is flexible in customer approach 3.)    A culture that does not allow team … Read More

Top Items to Differentiate your Home Care Business

What are the top 3 things you need to differentiate yourself with referrals sources and prospects? 1.      Reputation Quotient: a reputation for taking on difficult clients and difficult cases, especially if you are in a saturated market 2.      Being Problem … Read More

Business Adaptation to Covid

How does business need to adapt to both the technical needs covid creates (patient, employee, and/or customer screening; work from home, furloughs, or ability to hire with PPP funding, etc.) and the consumer behavior changes due to covid? An example … Read More

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